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Lulubuy is a distribution pioneer, scaling suppliers and brands sales
globally with e-commerce Pure Players!




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Our Services

With a fully integrated logistics & IT system designed to meet market’s standards,
Lulubuy enables you to respond to demand more effectively,
effortlessly, and risk-free.

B2B & B2C Distribution Services

With Lulubuy services, brand owners and distributors can onboard easily with us, to access new markets without adding more operational work to their current workload.


Easy onboarding process to our system


Zero Operational work added


Access to new markets across Europe & Worldwide.


Only Guaranteed Orders

Vendor Accounts Delegation Services

Create and/or delegate Vendor Accounts for all e-giants, with a fully integrated logistics system designed to meet Leaders' standards. Lulubuy enables you to generate and scale e-giants orders. A key service to meet performance and scaling requirements for the top e-commerce leaders.


Average Current Revenue Improved by 100% per Year


Logistics cost Improved by 500bps in Average


Automated Invoicing Improving Payments


Team of experts to help you expand

Why choose Lulubuy?

Thanks to a privileged relationship with Pure players in E-commerce,
years of experience, and unparalleled expertise on the market,
we position your catalog in the most competitive and profitable way.

Access to New Markets

Our global expansion is underway! We are now available in 7 markets, and we plan to add 4 more in the coming months :
Current markets : EU, UK, SG, Turkey, US, UAE, KSA
Incoming markets : Australia, North-America, South-America, China.

We handle the Operational Work for You

We oversee the complete processess, starting from purchase orders and distribution, all the way to marketing, customer support, and handling returns.

Easy Onboarding Process to our System

Connect your feed of products to our system via simple IT integration methods or directly through our SAAS platform.

Trends Forecasts & Insights from Market Data

We base our choice of distribution on accurate trends forecasts and insights from historical, current and bestseller market data.

No hidden charges

All costs are foreseen, there are no hidden charges.

Guaranteed orders

Once onboarded, you start receiving an increasing number of guaranteed orders.

Our Successful Partnerships

We pride ourselves with internal contacts with 3Ps and pure-players,
which results in seamless operations and integration.
+250 Onboarded suppliers trust us, 40+ Brands, 9+ Logistics partners,
25+ warehousing partners and growing everyday.

Eduardo Prieto
E-Commerce Manager at Stor S.L.
We have been working hand in hand with Lulubuy SARL for quite some time now, and they have proved themselves to be reliable partners. Building up and strengthening this business relationship is part of our company´s E-commerce strategy and is one of our most important sales channels.
Jonas Elfassy
I am pleased to have Lulubuy team on board to help us reach new online markets. Lulubuy expertise and deep understanding of our business are a definite plus towards the execution of our international ambitions.