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Lulubuy Offices and Warehouse in LuxembourgLuxembourg, Lulubuy Offices in FranceFrance & Lulubuy Warehouse in PolandPoland.

Operating across the globe.

With our disruptive sourcing practices and strong connections to major e-commerce retailers, we are the bridge between increasing online demands and brands!

Our Values In Action

We strive to deliver beyond expectations the optimal quality in a timely fashion and help our partners and colleagues succeed.

Disrupting e-commerce practices, automation and innovation strategy

Disrupting E-commerce Practices

We back our performance on automation and innovation strategy.

Striving for quality and excellence from our team

Striving for Quality and Excellence

Our team is committed to follow principles of excellence, integrity and accountability.

Managing global and local contexts with an in-depth understanding of the customers expectations

Managing Global & Local contexts

Operating worldwide, we address each country’s specificities with an in-depth understanding of its customers expectations.

For the long term, grow your online sales strategy

For the Long Term

Maintaining the integrity of your trademark is paramount. So let's work hand in hand with our team to build and grow your online sales strategy.

A unique Blend of Expertise

We are a diverse and international company with 16 nationalities and 20 spoken languages. Hailing from different backgrounds and gathered by the same entrepreneurial spirit, we all contribute to make Lulubuy a revolutionary global company.

Meet our Business Managers

Kais, CEO at Lulubuy





Head of Business Development

Alessandra, Head of B2B Distribution at Lulubuy


Head of B2B Distribution

Karthik, Head of B2C at Lulubuy


Head of B2C

Our Business and IT team, in Luxembourg offices Reply

Working at Lulubuy

Are you a hands on person, willing to work within a multicultural and dynamic environement and acomplish great things everyday?

For our warehouses and offices in Luxembourg, France or Poland, we are on a constant lookout for inspiring junior and senior new colleagues in the fields on sales and administration, logistics, operations, customer care and marketing.

Sustainability, a subject that matters

Major studies are confirming that in most of the cases, e-commerce model remains more sustainable than classic retail. Consumer behaviours, transport and building energy consumption having a bigger CO2e impact in a traditional retail model.

At Lulubuy, we are seizing all opportunities for doing business in a more sustainable way

What do we do?

As a key player in the global e-commerce distribution industry, it is our responsibility to contribute as much as we can to the reduction of our business environmental impact. This conviction leads us to take concrete actions at different levels of our operations.

Optimizing transport
Optimizing transport

Choosing the most efficient means of transport, optimizing available space in a truck, or identifying the shortest journeys to delivery are criteria we are considering when shipping goods.

Giving preference to recycling
Giving preference to recycling

While following international standards, and with great care for the products, we are privileging the use of recycled boxes and packaging.

Preserving resources
Preserving resources

Striving to be exemplary in terms of waste reduction, energy saving, and resource management within our facilities.

Supporting sustainable brands and products
Supporting sustainable brands and products

With a tailor made marketing and sales support, we help them boost their exposure and sales online.

Award 2021, Technology Innovator award

E-commerce Distributor of 2021 in Europe

For the excellence of our Lulubuy Services and Innovative App.

Award 2022, Gloabl e-commerce distribution company of the Year 2022

Global eCommerce Distribution Company of the Year 2022

For the Benelux area. A recognition of our success in taking business to a whole new level.

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